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    There are currently no GAFT pilots broadcasting using the mobile app. View the map for ADS-B tracking.

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    Android & iOS App

    Primarily meant for GA Pilots flying under 10,000 feet or within cell reception, GA Flight Tracking will allow enthusiasts to track and follow GA aircraft transmitting it's position and altitude. Great for pilots and student pilots flying in busy circuits or uncontrolled aerodromes to see other participating pilots and aircraft in the vicinity.

    With General Aviation Flight Tracker, any participating pilot running the app will show up with it's call sign, ground speed, altitude and location giving you a visual representation.

    As of Version 3.2.1812281, we now deliver offline VFR sectional charts reducing the need for data for navigation.

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    Live Video Streaming
    Stream live video from your device to YouTube - currently available for Android devices. Video's can be viewed live, and will automatically save your YouTube account for viewing at a later time to share with family and friends.

    * A personal YouTube account required to use this feature.

    Obstacle Avoidance
    Navigated with a piece of mind, knowing GA Flight Tracker will keep an eye out for any obstacles that may be around you within a 10nm radius, at or above your current altitude. Warnings displayed on the screen so you can see their position and be notifed of the closest danger.

    Obstacle data is updated daily to ensure you have the latest data available for your flight

    Precipitation Radar
    Overlay percipitation radar data to avoid areas of heavy rain and thunderstorm activity. The radar data is updated in 10 minute intervals to reduce data usage, and provide you with useful radar imagery.

    Track & Transmit
    Track airborn flights, and transmit your position in real time.

    Live On-board Audio
    Transmit your on-board audio for friends and family. This feature streams all audio, including ATC and in cabin discussions.

    * Requires special aircraft cable

    Flight Review & Sharing
    Store, review and share unlimited past flights, with on-board audio.

    * Monthly subscription required

    Flight Planner
    Plan your flight interactively online and print out professional VFR/IFR navigation logs, weight and balance and fuel endurance calculations.

    Real-time Route Mapping
    Easily navigate with GPS level flight plan route mapping within the app to assist you and keep you on track during your flight.

    With easy to see distance to go for leg, leg ETA, total distance to go and ETA to destination, you can quickly update your ETA's entroute based on your current ground speed.

    Stored Flight Logs
    Keep history of your flight logs automatically with duration of flight, departure and arrival airports, and any custom notes.

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    Meet The Team
    Founder & C.E.O.

    Gorkem Yuksel currently holds a Canadian PPL license. Flying since 2016, the idea of a full featured flight tool that is free to the masses and his technical background in Development helped create General Aviation Flight Tracker and Navigation.